Jagdish Dave
Group Editor


About us

Mr. Jagdish Dave is always keen to initiate for betterment of all class of the society. He believes that we should work collectively to help the deprived class. Society will never grow if we will not unite. Every person holds his own credit and importance; if we keep these two things in mind then society will prosper.

According to Mr. Jagdish Dave, Indian culture is the most proficient in the world. Not just having the overview of it, we should reach to the roots. By doing that, it would lead us to find solutions to all major problems of the world. Unfortunately, today very few people understand and follow our culture.

According to Mr. Jagdish Dave, Economic development is very important for the society but at the same end it should not be destructive in nature, which will be very dangerous for the society. Benefits of economic development should reach every individual; at the same time traditional industries should not be hampered. With upcoming new latest technology, we should try to develop traditional industries which are gemstone of the Indian economy.

Mr Jagdish Dave believes that instead of class or creed reservations, there should be reservation on basis economical conditions because poverty lies in every section or class of the society.

In the view of Mr. Jagdish Dave, Education is the pivotal requirement of every citizen of this country and its very necessary that every citizen is educated. Education system should be designed in such way that it helps the society to grow, help young people to make a better tomorrow for everyone and serve for the good cause of humanity. A balanced approach towards culture and society will lead to betterment of the education system.

Illicit practices hamper the growth of the society. We should try to eliminate it with collective efforts.

Mr. Jagdish Dave has tremendous faith in youth and believes that if we want to build a strong society, we need to encourage youth which would generate lots of energy in the society and reduce the generation gap.

About women empowerment he believes that women play a pivotal role in upbringing of the society. So all the atrocities on women should be stopped and we all should be part of development of women. He also believes that exploitation of women can lead to weaker mindset of upcoming generations. This way, his thoughts on society are very useful and important.